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Being winter,  I’ve spent most of the past couple of months making items for others. I figured now is the time to treat myself to a little something-something just for me.

Enter Mosey, a pair of totally sweet cabled legwarmers.  I’ve never actually worn legwarmers in the past, but hey, there is a first time for everything. Might even get me more interested in trying out new combinations with what’s already in my closet (something I have issues with).

My legwarmers are being knit from Crystal Palace Yarns Merino in a solid slate (dark grey) colour on size 4.5mm needles. The yarn was bought with a gift certificate to Birkeland Bros Wool (see my previous blog post) by my lovely former co-workers as a thank you gift for all the hard work I’d done in the past three years. Its good to be appreciated!

The pattern is a bit weird because it has two charts that are read simultaneously; however, the charts have a different number of rows to them. This caused a week of zero progress as I just didn’t plum have a clue on what to do. I asked another knitter friend and she was stumped too. A search on Ravelry of other knitters who had completed this project lead me to a wonderful discovery that a very smart lady had recharted the whole pattern into one large chart. Huzzah! Onward I went, and now I have completed one legwarmer. Just need to catch up with the second one (the ribbing’s already done) and I shall be ready for springtime in Vancouver.

Here’s a photo of the first one in progress:

mosey no 1

In other news, I have 2 hat orders to make! One is a commissioned knitting, and the other is a belated birthday present for my kinesiologist who is helping me get buff again after my 3 car accidents. More on these later.

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A sad day in Vancouver crafting history…

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So I was all prepared to write a blog post about moving forward on my Mosey legwarmers after getting hung-up over how the charts/instructions baffled me when I saw on Ravelry this morning that Birkeland Bros Wool Store on Main Street is closing after 73 years in business. 73 years!

This is indeed a very sad day for crafters in Vancouver. Not only because its one of the very few local retail suppliers that you can buy copious amounts of raw fleece/dyed spinning and felting fibre but also because of its history. From Birkeland’s website:

“Olaf Birkeland and his brother Mike arrived in Vancouver from Norway in 1930’s. In 1939, when they set up their wool processing business on Main Street, they never imagined that the company would be going strong 73 years later as the result of the energy of three generations of Birkelands.”

I’m friends with the third generation owner, Cara Birkeland, and although I saw Cara only about 2 weeks ago to buy yarn for said legwarmers, her closing the store wasn’t mentioned in our chat. However, I do know that Cara’s been struggling with some medical issues, so I do understand.

But who is going to fill the gap for us spinners/felters who need fleece/fibre? Where am I going to show off my wares in window displays now? And is someone going to buy the store and take it over, or is that it for that location? So many qestions, not sure of the answers.

Here are a couple pictures of my previous window displays…

February 2009 – Mad Hatter’s Tea Party themed display
mad hatter

September 2010 – Celestial Sky themed window display

Celestial Sky

If anyone knows where I can do my window displays in the future, please send me an email :)

RIP Birkeland Bros Wool.


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