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So this isn’t exactly a “yarny” blog post but I had to document this project somewhere.  For Hallowe’en this year, I decided to go as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  A friend of mine had the costume that I could borrow, and this gave us both good earth karma (yea for reusing!)  But one really can’t be Dorothy without the ruby slippers.  I asked my friend how she did her shoes last year and she told me that she spraypainted a pair of heels red.  Hmmm.  I didn’t want to wear heels (I do have a stellar pair of 6″ lipstick red lovelies) as I knew that I would only last an hour or two in them.  So I brainstormed. 

I had a pair of Keds-type runners from a previous year’s costume when I went as a cheerleader.  The shoes were really dirty from running around in the rain on that Hallowe’en.  I was hanging onto them in case I did the cheerleader thing again.  And then I thought, what if I could turn those old shoes into ruby slippers? 

Some options presented themselves to me:

  • spraypaint them red & glittery
  • cover them with sequin fabric – would have to cut to fit
  • glue sequins onto the shoe directly
  • find someone with a Bejeweller and go to town

I went with option #3.  While time consuming, I feel as though the end result was worth it as the shoes really did look awesome.  It took me about an hour per shoe, and chatting with friends on the phone helped pass the time. 

Project notes:
Shoes: size 6 “city sneaks” brand
Laces: red, cost me a whopping 49 cents
Sequins: Starburst shape, used approx 200 sequins, cost me $8 for all
Glue: used hot glue gun on “high” setting (yes, I did burn my fingers from time to time)
Time: about an hour per shoe
Method: started at the toe of the shoe and overlapped the sequins, did sequential building rows and covered the lace holes to give a more uniform, overall shiny look.

click three times

“There’s no place like home”

And for anyone curious to see the whole costume, voilà!


“I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more, Toto”

Happy Hallowe’en!

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Spring forward/Fall back…

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Its that time of year again, autumn. Leaves are falling, the sun feels different, the daylight hours match the night-time hours, and the kiddies are back to school. Its also the time when knitters feel compelled to pick up any UFOs (that’s knitter terminology for Un-Finished Objects) to give them another go-around or put new projects on the needles after a hiatus of summer heat. Knitting in summer is often an oxymoron for many knitters as why would one knit with wool/alpaca/mohair when its so hot out that the yarn is sweating? Some knitters find joy in knitting with cotton; I do not. So my knitting has suffered somewhat over the summer with not much else but getting that baby hat done for the Ravellenic Games.

Until now. I’m very pleased to report that I finished up my “Fall Back” socks that I started this summer. They were languishing on the dpns because I had some crankiness with the pattern. This was due to weird stitch counts on the needles at the gusset (and later, fudging the heck out of the toe decreases). Crankiness past, I was determined to move forward on this project. A big push was done this week when I fell ill to a plague (i.e. cold) that was going around my office at work. Luckily, being at home alone without TV meant that my socks got done quickly. And I managed to also spin yarn for almost two hours yesterday. Yay for getting crafts moving forward!

Project details:
name: Fall back socks
pattern: Spring Forward
size: knit to fit – they are quite snug, but I like ’em that way
yarn: Regia Stretch Color in dyelot #14870
yardage: 300.8 yards, and points for stashdown!
needles: 2.25mm dpns

And glamour shots:

fall back

and from the top:

fall back2

Next up, tackling the challenge of finishing up the sleeves on my Emelie cardigan

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