A Tale of Two Hats

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Summer is a great time to do little knitting (or crochet, if your interest bends in that direction) projects that keep you motivated while larger projects are on the needles.  I’ve been working on my Passion Flowers Shawl (Ravelry link) but I’ve had to stall it because the project requires pretty much all of my brain power to do with its complicated charts and lots of repeats. I’m about to start the most difficult part of the pattern with scary-large charts but I WILL DO IT. Eventually…

Here’s what it looked like on June 11 before I did the second section:
passion flowers yah

I will get back to knitting on it. I just can’t make an excuse to sit inside on a sunny evening pouring over complicated lace charts right now.

Nope, simpler projects have been calling me lately. Cue – hats!

Here goes the story:
Once upon a time I made a hat for my boyfriend. He loved it so much, he wore it every day all last winter. He would forget that it was on his head as he walked into the shower (this happened a couple of times). He asked me to make him another hat. I figured, “Heck ya! He loved the last one, so he will love whatever else I knit him.”  Assumptions do what? Oh yah, make an ass of u and me.

I asked D what colours he would like for his new hat. He said “green & blue” but failed to mention exactly which shade of green or blue (or both!) that he would like. So I went off on a search for yarn and came up with this:

Kroy sox yo

I thought that the muted colours would look awesome with his wardrobe but alas, when I showed him the yarn, he was not pleased. So I thought, “Fine, I’ll find another yarn that hopefully he will like.”  Off I went to another LYS to find man-appropriate yarn and came out with some lovely Noro that I thought was mostly green. Here’s the resulting hat:

D's hat

Project Name:  Twisted Reversible Hat
Yarn: Noro Takeuma in colourway 6, dyelot A
Yardage: 128.8 yards for stashdown (huzzah!)
Needles: 4mm 16″ circular + dpns

Then I was left with the Kroy sock yarn and wondering what to do with it. I decided to make the exact same hat but for my friend Carsen, who I have been promising to knit a hat for since last winter. So I did:

LB's hat

I had to mess around with the pattern a little to make it work because I was using fingering weight yarn for this version when the pattern calls for DK weight yarn.

Yarn: Pattons Kroy Socks FX in 1212 colourway
Yardage: 99.6 yards for stashdown (huzzah!)
Needles: 3.5mm dpns

I’ve got another few blogs in the back of my mind, so be prepared for more yarny updates in the near future!

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Getting my Dye On

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I’ve only dyed yarn once before.  It for the Harry Potter Knitting House Cup Challenge (yes, I am that kind of nerd) and the class I was “taking” was Herbology.  So I dyed yarn using eucalyptus leaves.  It made my house smell great!  I used the yarn for a crazy teapot cozy (probably the ugliest project I’ve ever knitted, no joke), and promptly never dyed yarn again.

Until, that is, just a few days ago.  I had my rubber arm twisted by a new knitter friend, Rebecca.  There was yarn dyeing offered during Canada Day celebrations at the Fibre Art Studio on Granville Island.  We found out about it through Ravelry and signed ourselves up for 10:30am – nice and early to escape the crowds & heat! 

The yarn was dyed using dyes from Maiwa Supply (not sure if they were acid dyes or what, this wasn’t made clear at the time).  The event itself was very well organized.  Check it:

  1. They prepared skeins of sock yarn, pre-soaked and ready to dye.
  2. We showed up, buy the prepared skein(s) of sock yarn (75 or 100 gram skeins), and hand-painted them with dyes.
  3. They steamed the yarn for us to fix the dyes.
  4. We picked up your own sock yarn one hour later.

Honestly, the organization made this the easiest yarn dying experience ever!  The staff & volunteers were great, and it was a lot of fun.  I felt a bit out of my element as I’m not predominantly a dyer, so I just played like a kid with finger paints and winged it.

Here’s a pic of me & Rebecca getting our dye on:

dye this shit!

And here’s a close up of my dyed skein wrapped in saran wrap and ready for steaming:

wrapped up

And here’s the final dried creation:


It was tough to get a good photo of the colours.  I have to say, its rather tie-dyed looking but I’m fairly happy with it.  It will be interesting to see how it knits up!  It will likely be a pair of socks for me (goodness knows that I have a lots of sock patterns queued on Ravelry!)  It is 75 grams of yarny goodness.  I suppose I’ll have to update my stash now!

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