NaKniSweMo = No Way José

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In my last blog post, I was all excited about NaKniSweMo and getting this nephew #2 sweater done.  So what happened?  Well, Mexico happened actually.  I went to Sayulita, Mexico, for 8 days as an assistant to my dance instructor.  The event was great and I worked & danced my butt off but didn’t get a whole lot of knitting done because I was too darn busy.  And I was rarely sitting in one place for more than 20 minutes.  I also had a hard time wanting to knit with wool in 30+ Celsius weather.  And airplane seats are the least comfy contraptions in history to sit in, let alone knit in for 4 hours.  Or maybe I’m just making excuses.  Whatever.  Here’s a pic of me dancing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on November 21, 2013.  Hard to believe it was only a week ago!

me dancing

Anyways, here’s as far as I got in the month of November (excusing that there is still 1 day left, of course.  Hey, miracles do happen ):

soledad in progress

That is the body of the sweater plus about half of a first sleeve done.  I have a cold right now, so I’m planning on staying home and knitting tonight to catch up.  Would be great to have the sleeves joined on Sunday by the time my knitting group meeting happens. 

I won’t lie, I’m starting to panic a bit about my C-day knitting.  I still have another nephew sweater (#3, and a cardigan actually), a hat, and a Bodum-cozy to knit before the big day, plus perhaps a quickie cowl present.  So yah, panicking! 

I’ve also decided that come the new year, I’m going to knit for myself for awhile.  I want to make myself socks out of the gorgeous plum sock yarn I got at Knit City and finally finish that darn lace shawl I started back in the summer.  Signing off for now…

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NaKniSweMo – try to say that 5 times fast!

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NaKniSweMo is on!  For anyone not familiar with this acronym, it stands for National Knit [a] Sweater Month, and information about what it is/how its done is here.  Due to my overachieving nature Christmas knitting schedule of 3 sweaters for my nephews, I am participating this year.  This type of event is done on a voluntary basis, and there is no prize or committee to congratulate one’s success on actually knitting a sweater during the month of November.  Rather, it serves as a personal challenge to get a sweater done – especially if its mocking you from your yarn stash & project queue.  There’s also a Ravelry group to cheer you on if you need it.

But I need to backtrack for a moment and report that yes indeedy, nephew sweater #1 is done!  I haven’t blocked it yet, and given that it’s a Christmas (ahhhhh, the C-word!) gift, I’m going to do my regular project run-down with details later on.  Here’s a photo of the completed sweater though.  My only concern is whether the hole is big enough for a head to fit through.  It looks a bit small to me, but perhaps it will block bigger.  Here’s a pic of the pre-blocked finished “Twisted Tree” sweater:

twisted tree

And now onto the actual NaKniSweMo project I have going on – nephew sweater #2!  So far, I am absolutely loving this pattern, Soledad.  Its traversing cables are lovely and the pattern is very intuitive.  Here’s how much I’ve managed to knit up since casting on (size = age 4) on Saturday evening:

Soledad in progress

Not bad huh?  Its making me feel much less anxious about the fact that I still have a whole other kid sweater to knit before C-day.  Perhaps one day I’ll figure out the math and make one of these Soledad sweaters for myself.  I really do like this pattern that much.

I’m off to Mexico on Friday for about a week, and will be taking this sweater with me.  Who knows, I may come back with a tan and a completed sweater.  I can only hope…

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