A hat and a swatch

June 6th, 2012 § 0 comments

Well, I’m happy to report that the second go-around on the swirl baby hat was a success! After accepting the inalienable truth that I am a tight knitter, and going up a couple needle sizes, the pattern was a breeze this time!  Finished it in a record 5 days (which is great considering I was only knitting on the bus and during work breaks etc).  Here’s a photo of it blocking over a honey jar, resting on a champagne bottle. Classy, I know.

swirl hat done
I really like the colour transit and also how it looks sort of like a fractal on the crown.


My pal Monica is coming to visit with her family at the end of the month, so I will be able to give her this hat directly.  I have a feeling its probably too big for Emily’s head because I made a size bigger than newborn so she should get good wear out of it.

Project notes:
Pattern – Swirl Hat (linked in previous post)
Yarn – Golden Willow Sock, approx 100 yards (points for stashdown!)
Needles – 4mm DPNs (this time)
Size – 4-12 months

 My only beef with this hat pattern was the decreases for the top of the crown.  They were a little weird, and knitting 3 together with dull needle points made for a lot of creative cursing.  But its done, and now my project page is up to 73 on Ravelry.  Huzzah!


And now something completely different ….a swatch!  As also mentioned in my previous post, swatches are handy little squares that allow you to check to see if your gauge is correct.  If it isn’t, your garment is likely to not fit/hang/etc as it was designed too.  The pattern that I’m knitting next is Emelie (Ravelry link only).  It’s a lovely lacy cardigan knit in fingering weight yarn and I think it’s going to look smashing on me in the grass  green colour I have purchased especially for this pattern.  It looks like a fairly challenging knit.  I really want it to fit well, so I measured myself and began swatching on the larger needles.

As you can see from this photo, the gauge looks totally off.  Never fear however, I was counselled by the wise Lauren  to always wash and block one’s swatch to get a look at the true gauge.  She also told me to make the swatch bigger than the suggested 4” size to measure gauge within a larger piece, but I ignored that advice on a whim.  Impulsive – yep.

 unwashed swatch

In the second photo you can see that I did get the intended gauge with washing/blocking the swatch – or as on the pattern 24 stitches over 38 rounds in stockinette on 3.5mm needles. 

 washed swatch

I’m going to cast on today for my cardi!  Hope that I keep up morale for the actual knitting of it… but that’s another story for another post.  Stay tuned :)

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