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October 21st, 2013 § 0 comments

The seasons have changed, and once again the wheel of the year has turned around and its officially autumn.  I also seem to find myself going around town trying to do all the things without depleting my energy during this time of gathering in.  And I seem to be knitting many projects in the round these days as well – although I suppose that isn’t all that surprising to those who know that I have no love for knitting things flat and then seaming them.  There’s a freedom that comes from knitting items in the round – it feels like second nature to me now.  I suppose that I’ve taken a cue from the Knitting Guru herself, Elizabeth Zimmerman.

My latest FO (or Finished Object for you non-Ravelry type folks) is an infinity scarf for my RMT, Jamie Davey.  What is an infinity scarf?  Well, if you have looked around town, you will have likely seen many people warming up with long, loopy scarves that can be wrapped around the head for maximum insulation from the elements.  Its basically a giant circle (or oval), and they are certainly en vogue maintenant.  Just type “infinity scarf” into a Google search and you will know what I’m talking about.

Jamie has a love of large, chunky, cozy knits.  She couldn’t find any infinity scarves that would suit her needs – must be chunky, and wolfish-grey to go with lots of items in her wardrobe.  So she commissioned me to make her an infinity scarf, and off we went to Three Bags Full to buy some yarn.  If you’ve seen my Instagram feed, you will have seen some of the photos that I posted along the way as I knitted up this scarf.

A note about Jamie – this wonderful lady has been helping me heal from my 3 car accidents with her deep tissue massages for almost the past 4 years.  She is professional, personable, and funny.  Jamie recently opened up her own business this year, huzzah!  Here she is in her office, The Treatment Room:

snug up James

She was super stoked with having her scarf done quickly in time for the colder weather.  After some indoor shots, I shooed her outside for some awesome autumnal glamour shots.

jamie in leaves

And a great close-up of the scarf here:
closeup infinity scarf

Project Details:

Project name: To Infinity, and Beyond!
Pattern: The Vortex Infinity Scarf – free pattern
Yarn: Cascade Magnum
Yardage: approximately 200 yards (still need to measure for stash-down certainty)
Needles: 10mm (US15) circular needles (on a 40″ cable)

 In other news, I’m getting close to finished on nephew sweater #1 (also knitted in the round, hehe).  I will be posting another blog with photos and info next week if all goes according to plan 😉 .  Then I need to get moving on nephew #2 and #3’s sweaters.  Sometimes I think that I’m nuts for doing 3 child sweaters for Christmas, but I know that they will go to good use and will be loved by my sweet nephews.  Well, that’s what I hope at least!


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