Been sick, but not out of commission

January 10th, 2012 § 0 comments

Its 10 days into 2012 and I’ve been sick for 9 of them. Grrr! However, I’ve used the time away from work to work on my craft projects at home, and honestly, some serious headway has been made!

First, the hat to restore confidence in my last post is complete :)   I was unable to stretch the finished product over a dinner plate while blocking, so a large mixing bowl had to do. Its a little snug around the brim, but I’m confident that it should fit the owner (who I think may or may not know that this hat is coming to her). I do love surprising people with gifts!

Secondly, I have been spinning like a spider on speed! I haven’t been spinning (hides shame-face) since that day of naked spinning on Wreck for the LSG NSFW Calendar photo shoot. I forgot how much I love the feel of crisp Falkland wool sliding through my fingers as it spins into lovely yarn. This yarn will be a 3-ply worsted-weight and I have yet to decide if I should add it to my shop or if I should keep it for myself to weave or knit into something really fabulous. Either way, I’m really pleased with how its turning out.

Thirdly, I wove a scarf for a commission that has been pending since before the holidays. Another wonderful coworker, who is heartily supportive of my work, asked me to weave him a scarf. The funny thing is, he bought a scarf from me a year ago, only to have his sister-in-law steal it from him!! Hilarious! He wanted blues, and he’s sensitive to wool, so off to the yarn store I went. Its really a lovely scarf, but I’ll save that story for another post – stay tuned!

And lastly, if not most notably :)  I’ve managed to pull myself together and get past the damned thumb increases on that second dreaded fingerless lace mitt. I have one more pattern repeat to go, some ribbing, a thumb, and this thing will be officially done! I really can’t express how relieved I am feeling to know that the end is in sight!

OK, back to healing. Tomorrow’s my birthday, so send healing wishes!

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