Conceding defeat

May 29th, 2012 § 0 comments

I’ve been told by one of my good knitter friends that I’m a tight knitter.  She’s been telling this to me for almost two years now.  I never believed her.  Everyone who has seen my knitting has always told me how uniform my tension is – that it looks machine knit a lot of the time.  I prided myself on good tension and having a garment that looked professional.  However, until just this past weekend, I did not realize that good tension does not equal (≠) tight vs. loose knitting.  One can have good tension and be a tight (or loose) knitter.  I did not know this.

Case in point – the quest for gauge.  Most knitters will admit that they always or never or sometimes do a test swatch to confirm that they have the right gauge for a project.  (Fun diversion, check out this Sh*t Knitters Say video, and you’ll know what I’m talking about).  Me, I usually do a test swatch if I’m doing a large project like a sweater.  But for a baby hat?  Nah, why bother?  Well, I should have bothered in this case…

I was in the process of knitting an adorable swirl baby hat (Ravelry link only) to match the adorable baby sweater I made for my friend’s baby (Emily, see previous blog post) when I realized about ¾ of the way into the hat, that this hat wouldn’t fit a 2 month old.  In fact, it probably would only fit a preemie.  Now what went wrong?  Well, I used 3mm needles when the pattern called for 3.25mm needles.  I figured that 0.25 of a millimetre wouldn’t really make all much of a difference.  However, when you factor in that I’m (ahem) a tight knitter, well, then I was left with an itty bitty hat that really wouldn’t serve my friend’s (or anyone’s) baby.

And so I frogged the whole thing this morning on the bus going to work.  This is the part of being a knitter that I try to just get to that zen place where I realized that yes, I royally messed up, but I’m gonna keep going dammit.

Hat mid-frog:

Swirl Hat Frogged

I’m going to redo this hat on size 4mm needles.  Perhaps a bit overkill on the up-sizing, but I ain’t gonna be foiled by my tight knitting again!  Here goes round two… cue bell.

Oh, and Kyrsten, you were right.  I am a tight knitter….blushes

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