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I was hoping to write a blog post this week about my knitting group’s belated Festivus swap and dinner.  Unfortunately, the person that I was knitting for was unable to come to the dinner and thus, does not have her gift package yet.  I’m still trying to meet up with her so that I can give her her gifts and take photos and blog about the whole shabang.

But not to worry, I’ve got other crafty things on the go to write about instead…

Last Saturday (January 19, 2013), I participated in the Knit Social yarn swap at a local library.  It was an opportunity to go through my yarn stash and get rid of some skeins/balls that have been languishing in my stash for ages, and also trade for other yarns that may interest me more.

The low down: I managed to trade/give away 3,271 yards of yarn!  Success! Which is great as it ensures that I’m well on my way for this year’s Stashdown Challenge (Ravelry link only).  I did, however, have an influx into my stash of 2,684 yards due to trades and also receiving the yarn needed for my next cardigan project.  The balance is -587 yards, which is still positive!  Plus as I use up my yarn in projects, that negative number for stashdown just increases.  So I’m not worried about my level of stash at the moment.

One of the best trades I made on Saturday was a bunch of yarn in exchange for 3  gorgeous braids of Two Sisters Stringworks 100% Colonial wool roving in a fiery colourway that I’ve nicknamed “Firefly.”  Stunning.  The colours transition from a fiery red to a range of oranges to soft apricot.  No idea what I’m going to knit from the yarn that I’ll spin from it, but its a nice change from all the green & blue I seem to knit with…
firefly roving1

And a close up of one of the braids:
firefly roving2

And an obligatory shot of the yarn in process on my spinning wheel:

spin firefly

Nice huh?

Oh, and about that new cardigan project.  Its going to be a green-yellow colour (Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Green Tea Heather colourway, to be exact) and its going to be a challenge to knit.  I’ve done some research on Ravelry, and this cardigan is not a cakewalk.  There are design elements like lace, darts, applied i-cord, etc that will certainly keep me from getting bored.  It has less stockinette stitching than my previous cardigan project as the lace goes across the entire neckline and shoulders.  Perhaps I should show you what exactly I’m talking about:


Only image it in this yarn:
green tea

Yes, I’m aware that its more green, but a red-head has gotta knit with whatever looks good with the hair, yanno?

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