Festivus – better late than never…

January 30th, 2013 § 1 comment

Every year, my local knitting group – the Terminal City Yarn Wranglers (quite a mouthful) – has a Festivus swap.  Festivus, rather than Christmas, as its not really about religion/holiday, and more about the time of year and spoiling other knitters.  There is something inherently rewarding about knitting for other knitters/crocheters.  Mostly, because they really understand what it takes to plan and execute a project in terms of time, effort, and money.  And, they appreciate what is given! 

I won’t get into a rant here, but I do have a knitter’s Black List for folks that I absolutely will never knit for again for various reasons…

The Yarn Wranglers were a bit late this year getting organized in time for Festivus.  We usually have the swap & dinner at the beginning of December so to avoid the Christmas/holiday season knitting frenzy most of us have to contend with.  Since we were late, we group-decided to have Festivus in January instead.  And so the dinner & swap was set for January 19, 2013.  Here’s monnibo’s Flickr photos from the dinner.

I was super stoked when I learned that my giftee was none other than my knitter pal Shelby (Belb on Ravelry).  I haven’t seen her in quite a long time, but I always enjoyed talking to her as we have similar values and a shared love of travel.  She was unfortunately working the night of the swap & dinner, and so I had to find another time in both our busy schedules to meet up and give her the goodies.  Here’s her gleeful face when I gave her the package yesterday:

That picture’s a bit dark, so here’s a better one of the mitts:

vancouver fog mitts

And I also improvised a matching headband (which I am modelling here):


I also gave her: snagless stitch markers, organic dark orange chocolate, Murchies apricot black tea, a card, and the leftover yarn.  I think it was a good package :)

Project notes:
Project name: Vancouver Fog Mitts (external link for everyone! Yay!)
Yarn: SMC (Schachenmayr) Soft Tweed, aran weight, in colourway #71/dyelot #130209 but looks like green tweed to me yo!
Yardage: approx 189 yards used up over all, and points for Shashdown!
Needles: 4mm dpns
Other: I improvised the headband thusly:

  • CO 3 stitches and did an i-cord for approximately 9.5”
  • increased to 5 stitches (K1, M1, K1, M1, K1)
  • purled back with no increases
  • next RS row, increased to 9 stitches following earlier established increase pattern and then repeated the last two rows until I had 20 stitches
  • started ribbing (K1, P2, {K2, P2}* until last stitch, K1) and knit this for another row on WS
  • next RS row, began pattern (K1, P2, cable pattern over 14 stitches as in Vancouver Fog mitts, P2, K1)
  • did 7 (or maybe 8 repeats, can’t remember!) cable repeats, then decreased to match other side and finished with 9.5” of i-cord. Wove in ends.

I gotta say, I’m pretty happy with this package that I put together.  I’m currently still awaiting my package in the mail as the person gifting to me was sick the night of the swap & dinner.  So yah, get well Petra, and I look forward to gifties in my mailbox!

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