Knit City Round-Up

October 30th, 2013 § 1 comment

This past weekend was the 2nd Annual Knit City event here in Vancouver.  The event was held over two days and included workshops, knit-ins, a talk by the Yarn Harlot (who also wrote a blog about her experience of the event), and of course, the ever-tempting marketplace. 

I wasn’t originally planning on going to Knit City this year because I wasn’t really feeling the call to take a class, and I have heard the Yarn Harlot give a speech before.  I was planning on having a quiet weekend to myself, knowing full well that I would be hearing about all the classes and yarn purchases from my knittas the following weekend.  That plan was shot though, when my regular Sunday knitting group decided to hold the meet-up at the Knit City event.  The fates had decided for me that I was going…

Whenever I know that I’m going to a craft event that features a marketplace full of delectable fibre goodies, I try to come up with a plan of attack…  In previous years, I would kind of lose all sense of space, time, and knowledge of available funds in my bank account.  All I would see was aisles of local and international retailers selling me the crafter’s version of crack – YARN. PROJECT BAGS. SPINDLES. ROVING. BUTTONS. SHAWL PINS. EMBROIDERY DOODADS etc. Its hard not to start salivating when seeing these goodies laid out so prettily.  Well, after a few years of succumbing to marketplace madness, I developed a pragmatists’ approach to these venues:

  1. Have a yarn budget and/or skein limit
  2. Tour the entire marketplace before buying anything first – take it all in
  3. Make a must-have list for projects that will actually happen and not just in my wildest dreams
  4. Allow 1 treat of minimal value to offset the need to buy everything in sight just because its pretty


This strategy seemed to work pretty well last weekend, and I’m happy to say that I was successful in keeping to my budget.  I have actual plans for the yarn that I bought :-)  And doing the tour of the marketplace first brought me face-to-face with several vendors that I have not seen in years and that I’m rather fond of/close to.  Such as Muse Fibre Works – Shannon is a long-time indie-dyer that I met many years ago at Gibsons Fibre Art Festival.  She’s local to Vancouver, and her yarns come in beautiful colours and wear well.   I bought 2 skeins of yarn from her:
Muse yarn
The blue tonal yarn is a worsted/aran weight yarn that will become a hat for my boyfriend.  I have a pattern waiting in the wings for that yarn, but I’m keeping it under-wraps as its for Christmas (there’s that darn C-word again).  The plum yarn is a sock yarn that I’m saving for myself.  I have often lusted after patterned socks listed on Ravelry, but 99% of the time all I have in my stash is a variegated or self-striping yarn that would obliterate the pattern from being seen for the colours.  I don’t have a pattern waiting in the wings for this plum sock yarn yet, but I’m already day-dreaming about having lovely plum tootsies.  The other item in this photo is a shawl pin by Pollika (another local supplier).  In total, I spent $42.50 in the market.  I call that a success!

In other news, I’m thisclose to finishing nephew sweater #1.  And I’m planning on knitting nephew #2’s sweater all within the month of November as part of the NaNoSweMo or National November Sweater knitting Month.  But really, maybe I’m just way to ambitious for my own good when it comes to knitting.  Only time will tell!

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