Knitting with silk – a challenge from the east

November 29th, 2011 § 0 comments

Silk is a lovely substance. Its lustrous, soft, has excellent drape, and unparalleled strength compared to other materials. However, it is also an unforgiving substance to knit with! No give, no bounce, and yet the finished garment often “grows” of its own accord. Strange, indeed!

Oh, the expletives that come pouring out of my mouth when I’ve been working on theses fingerless mitts for a coworker of mine. The pattern is Rasen, another freebie linked in Ravelry that spirals up the arm with some minute cables. The whole thing is done in twisted K1, P1 rib, which means even more creative expressions coming from me as I struggle with these tiny circular Hiya Hiya needles. I’m finding these needle tips to not be sharp enough, and with the Sweet Georgia SeaSilk lace yarn that’s just a wee bit splitty, well, its been a tough project to get motivated to complete.


But I have completed one mitt so far, and cast on for the second mitt. I’m making the second mitt’s pattern to mirror the first as I like the effect better. I hope this second one goes more smoothly than the first, otherwise I’m going to just swear off knitting with silk forever.

Unless its in a blend, that is 😉

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