Last minute Christmas knitting

December 15th, 2011 § 0 comments

Like most knitters/crafters, the Christmas season can be a hectic one for me. Especially since I’ve had to put off creating anything due to low back problems. But things are looking up (and my lower back is a bit better) and so I’ve put myself into high freaking gear to churn out some projects before its too late to ship anything!

Project #1: Hat for my b-mom. Decided early this week that I simply MUST make a gift for the woman who gave me life, especially since she is also crafty and appreciates such gifts. I’ve decided to make her the Chunky Dean Street Hat (Ravelry link) in some leftover stash yarn from my Ravelympics sweater of yesteryear. Its a chunky yarn in a steel blue colour by Cascade Eco+. So far I’ve managed to race through the rolled brim, body of the hat, and lo, started the crown decreases last night/this morning while riding the bus. Gotta knit wherever I can.

Canada Post’s cut-off date for shipping items for Christmas is Monday, Dec 19/11, so that panic is certainly ON.

Project #2: Hand-woven scarf for my bff’s new nephew (who’s only a cribling at the moment). I made his entire large Polish family scarves last Christmas in their family crest colours. Well, since there is a new edition to the family, I really should get on weaving a scarf for the little fellow before my friend blasts off to his family farm next week.

So much to do!

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