Makes me feel like dancing…

March 6th, 2012 § 0 comments

After spending a week on the beach in Mexico not doing much of anything, I finally came home to finish my Mosey legwarmers. I had finished the actual knitting portion, including i-cords, of the project before I left. All that was missing were those essential accessories, pom-poms!


This sounds incredibly silly, but I actually own plastic pom-pom makers (bob bless my local sewing wholesaler, Dressew). It’s silly because I haven’t made pom-poms since I was probably about 8 years old. When I go to Dressew however, it’s ridiculously easy to throw down 50 cents for little notions like pom-pom makers, tape measures, and various coloured grommets that I may never use. My pom-pom makers enable one to make up to 3” diameter fuzzy spheres.


While at my weekly Sunday knitting group, I made 4 x 2” diameter pom-poms. I then sewed them onto the i-cord ties (28” long) using the tails left over from finishing the cords. My weekly knitting group usually meets for 2 hours each week, and all I did was make the pom-poms and sew them on. Afterwards, my lovely knitting friend, Monnibo, took some awesome photos of the finished legwarmers.


Check them out:

from the side

And from a strategic angle to see the back cable panel:

 money shot


I’m glad that I made this project, I’ve been wearing the legwarmers pretty much non-stop (giggling as I dance around) because I’m tired of wearing boots all the time. Can’t wait for winter to be over!


It’s also a pleasure to knit something that I’ve never made before. I’d definitely make these again for a friend or as a gift. My only beef with the pattern was mentioned in my previous blog posting about how the charting wasn’t very evident. To any knitters wanting to make this project, I would highly recommend that you print out the large chart for ease of understanding the flow of instructions.


Now the only thing left to do is to show them off at my dance class on Saturday J. Can’t wait for the oohing and ahhing!

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