NaKniSweMo – try to say that 5 times fast!

November 13th, 2013 § 0 comments

NaKniSweMo is on!  For anyone not familiar with this acronym, it stands for National Knit [a] Sweater Month, and information about what it is/how its done is here.  Due to my overachieving nature Christmas knitting schedule of 3 sweaters for my nephews, I am participating this year.  This type of event is done on a voluntary basis, and there is no prize or committee to congratulate one’s success on actually knitting a sweater during the month of November.  Rather, it serves as a personal challenge to get a sweater done – especially if its mocking you from your yarn stash & project queue.  There’s also a Ravelry group to cheer you on if you need it.

But I need to backtrack for a moment and report that yes indeedy, nephew sweater #1 is done!  I haven’t blocked it yet, and given that it’s a Christmas (ahhhhh, the C-word!) gift, I’m going to do my regular project run-down with details later on.  Here’s a photo of the completed sweater though.  My only concern is whether the hole is big enough for a head to fit through.  It looks a bit small to me, but perhaps it will block bigger.  Here’s a pic of the pre-blocked finished “Twisted Tree” sweater:

twisted tree

And now onto the actual NaKniSweMo project I have going on – nephew sweater #2!  So far, I am absolutely loving this pattern, Soledad.  Its traversing cables are lovely and the pattern is very intuitive.  Here’s how much I’ve managed to knit up since casting on (size = age 4) on Saturday evening:

Soledad in progress

Not bad huh?  Its making me feel much less anxious about the fact that I still have a whole other kid sweater to knit before C-day.  Perhaps one day I’ll figure out the math and make one of these Soledad sweaters for myself.  I really do like this pattern that much.

I’m off to Mexico on Friday for about a week, and will be taking this sweater with me.  Who knows, I may come back with a tan and a completed sweater.  I can only hope…

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