Paying it forward

January 25th, 2012 § 0 comments

I’m not really a process knitter (one who simply enjoys the act of knitting) nor am I a pre-process knitter . Rather, I’m what you call a project knitter – I like to work on a project or two until its completed. Mostly I work on projects that I know I can complete, although there have been just a couple times where I had to give up altogether. And I try to work on projects that I know I will like when fnished.

Except, well, for a certain cardigan. Its not actually true that I don’t like this cardigan, its just that I don’t like it on me!

So what is one to do wth a lovely finished cardigan that one knows none of my friends can fit into given that I am a petite lady? I could give it away to the Salvation Army; I could let it languish in my closet and think, “perhaps I like it in a few more months?” from time to time; or I could find another knitter that is roughly the same size/shape as me and pass it on.

Which is exactly what I’ve done. I noticed in LSG on Ravelry a week or so ago that someone started a forum thread called, “Pass on your Unloved Finished Objects.” I thought – brilliant! So I posted my cardigan and got a response almost immediately!

Here is the photo from my Ravelry projects page.

Cavern Cardigan

And here are some photos of the cardigan being packed up and ready for mail-out:

Cavern Cardigan

And all bundled up and ready to go with fabulous card.

Cavern Cardigan

The lucky lady who will be getting my cardigan is LouieLoui and I hope she likes her new cardigan! Also being a knitter, I know that she will appreciate it for the work I put into it. She’s promised me a pattern from my wishlist, which is awesome of her. Hurrah for paying it forward!

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