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Flutterby Pins

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Hand-felted and hand-sewn beadwork adorn these adorable flutterby pins. Add them to your hats, coats, scarves, or have them in your home to bring a bit of beauty to your life. These pins are approximately 2” by 2” with have wire antennae and solid clasps. Made with the thought of the approaching springtime and adding more bounce in one’s step.

Shown here are three different Flutterby pins, please specify which colour pin you would like and I’ll release it to the winds to find you.

Thanks for looking!

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Counfounded – a felted puzzle

Here’s something a little different. A puzzle not made from wood or cardboard, but felted wool! A simple game that on average, takes about 7 minutes to solve.

Hand-felted wool with apoxy and card backing. Size is approximately 8.5” by 14” and can be framed if desired.


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Cheshire Cat Tea Cozy

Keep your teapot warm and cozy with this hand-felted tea cozy inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat is made with wool, silk, and tencel rovings and will fit a medium-sized teapot. A great addition to any tea party, mad or otherwise.

The inside height of the cozy measures 7.5″ and the circumference of the opening is 24″ (11″ diameter).

This tea cozy is a one of a kind creation and was made in a pet and smoke-free home.

Please inquire about combined shipping on bundled purchases.

I promise that his smile will not fade away after you have finished your tea!

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