Story of When Gaïa Smiles – Genesis

July 5th, 2011 § 0 comments

Once upon a time, there was a human being named Siobhán. She wanted to be an artist, but had no idea what kind nor where to start.  She could neither draw nor paint well.  Pottery was a disaster, and forget glass works (as this lady was rather clumsy).  One day, she had a psychic do a reading on this very question.  The outcome was that fibre crafts would be a great creative outlet for her.

She learned the transformative process of handmade felt; the interlocking of yarns in weaving; and finally, the art of making yarn by hand.  She learned how to spin on both a spindle and on a wheel and immediately fell in love with this “lost” art.  Over time, she acquired 12 spindles and 1 spinning wheel and honed her craft.  She found that she loved spinning for the sake of spinning as both a form of meditation and as an artistic expression.

Then one day, a friend offered to buy some yarn that Siobhán had spun. Then over the following winter holiday period, several of her coworkers ordered handwoven scarves from her.  She got the idea that perhaps an in-person and online entrepreneurial venture would be fun.  Thus, the idea for When Gaïa Smiles was born.  However, the name itself would come randomly one evening while she was lounging in the bathtub.

The yarn-selling idea went online with Etsy, a fantastically creative online market-place for artists of all and any variety.  However, this fibre artist decided that she would like her own niche on the WWW.  A place to share current projects/events, and of course to offer her wares to the world at large.

And here you are today, checking out my new space.  Welcome! Tea is served at all hours :)


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