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October 27th, 2011 § 1 comment

Each year, the LSG group on Ravelry (for you non-Ravelry folk = Lazy, Stupid, and Godless) puts out a NSFW Charity calendar to generate funds for a charity of the group’s choice. For example, in previous years, the calendars generated funds for survivors of the Haitian earthquake and also the Red Cross. This year’s calendar (2012) proceeds will be going towards KIVA , which is an amazing non-profit organization to help people around the globe create opportunities from micro-loans. A worthwhile venture in and of itself.

Now, other than buying the calendar to help this noble cause, what can one lowly crafter do? Well, how about stripping naked on a beach in mid-to-late October to take photos for the calendar? Didn’t expect that twist of events, huh?

The set: Wreck Beach, Vancouver BC.
Date: October 16, 2011
The premise: Goddess in the nude, spinning yarn on the beach
Weather: sunny but a brisk 12º Celcius with a slight breeze
Camera settings: sepia-tone setting, mid-range exposure, superfine pixel setting
Camera model: Canon PowerShot SD770 IS Digital Camera
Photographer: Jaedyn Starr
Model: Siobhán O’Meara

Dragging a spinning wheel down (and up!) the stairs to Wreck Beach is a feat in an of itself. Luckily my photographer (and friend) Jaedyn was there with his muscles to help out. Once I got everything set up, I realized that sand had gotten in the orafice of the spinning wheel. The problem with beach shoots is that sand gets EVERYWHERE. I had to let the people around me know that I was taken photos for an art project, and that they may accidently be in the shots. One hippy that I spoke to about this asked me if I could take photos for his acid rock-n-roll band. I politely declined. And then I stripped. I had many people walking by wondering what exactly the “machine” was that I had with me. I explained that it was a spinning wheel. Its amazing that most people in modern-day society have never seen a spinning wheel (or a loom for that matter) and really have no concept of how cloth is made. (Well, first you need to spin yarn… and that’s where I come in.)

I lasted about an hour in the buff (with a strategically-placed shawlette hiding my nips and spinning fibre hiding my bits) on the beach with my wheel. I have to say that other than being a little cold at the end of the photoshoot, it was a pleasure being out in nature with my wheel.

Voting for which photos will be placed in the LSG NSFW 2012 Calendar opens on November 14, 2011. I’m happy to say that I’ve had a friend midly Photoshop what I think is my winning photo, and its all ready to go. Just need to upload it onto my Flickr page and get ready to post it in LSG when the day comes.

This goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways: VOTE FOR ME!

NB: You must be a member of Ravelry to vote.

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