Sweater Round-Up

January 6th, 2014 § 0 comments

For anyone following along with my Facebook/Twitter feeds (and this blog), you will remember that over-achieving me wanted to knit my three nephews sweaters for Christmas.  I’m happy to say that I finished 2 on-time for the big day and had the 3rd done by December 28th.  Not a bad showing, I think.  Here’s the line-up of what was accomplished:

Nephew sweater #1

Twisted tree

This sweater was a few months in the making as honestly, I found the pattern a bit boring, and frankly, I hate twisted stitches.  But the final project turned out pretty good and the colour is perfect for my nephew Z, who has hazel eyes.

Project Details:
Pattern name: Twisted Tree Pull-over (free download here)
Size: age 4/5 but made the body long enough for a 6 year old as this nephew is tall/skinny for his age
Yarn used: Sidar Snuggly DK in “Leaf Green” (colour #198)
Yardage: 639 yards out (points for stash-down!)
Needles used: 3.5mm for all edge work, 4mm for body (knit completely in the round)
Notes: The decreases took much longer than expected (27 decreases over 54 rounds).

Nephew sweater #2


Project Details:
Pattern name: Soledad (free download here)
Size: age 4
Yarn used: Berroco Vintage DK in “Paprika” (colour #2176)
Yardage: 469.4 yards out (points for stash-down!)
Needles used: 3.5mm for all edge work, 3.75mm for body (knit completely in the round)
Notes: this pattern had some errata that I had to work out, plus I made a bunch of alterations as well. My notes can be found on my Ravelry project page for full details.

(On a sadder note, the nephew that this sweater was intended for unfortunately passed away the week before Christmas. I gave this sweater to his big brother Z as he will be able to wear this sweater for a while before he grows out of it.  I’m currently in a state of mourning, but wanted to share this project as it was dear to my heart and a lovely knit).

Nephew sweater #3

Sunshine Cardigan

Project Details:
Pattern name: Sunshine Cardigan (free Ravelry download here)
Size: age 18-24 months
Yarn used: Sidar Snuggly DK in “Baby Grey” (colour #427) and “Engine Red” (colour #413)
Yardage: 561 yards out (points for stash-down!)
Needles used: 4mm needles for all as I wanted this cardigan to fit bigger than what the pattern suggested
Notes: forgot to mirror the cables on the front, but ah well. Also did a cable down both side “seams” (wasn’t noted in the pattern but I liked the look of it).  I sewed snaps into the back of the buttons because I wasn’t in the mood for making button-holes. Snaps also make squirming toddlers easier to dress. Did all the garter areas in contrasting colour.  This cardigan looks great on my littlest nephew R, who looks like quite the little man in it.

Changing track – a cardigan for me!

About a year ago I started the Talamh Cardigan for myself (see this blog post mentioning it) but I never got around to writing about it.  Why? Because after about 5 months of knitting the thing, when I put it on, I hated how it looked on me.  The front gaped open over the bust, the shoulders just didn’t look right, and I wasn’t sure about the fit.  And so it sat on my couch.  And sat.  And sat some more until I finally showed it to a few friends of mine that convinced me it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was imagining.  One of my knitting friends offered some advice, and I thought about it and decided to add a bit more fabric to the button-bands by doing some single-crochet.  It helped, but the cardigan still gaped open over the bust.  And so this cardigan sat for another 3 months on my couch, taunting me with my failure as a knitter.  I ignored the cardigan and focused on the nephew Christmas sweaters.  Finally, over the holidays, I sewed some hooks/eyes onto the button band and that seems to have dealt with the gaping issue.  I’m still not 100% happy with the way the cardigan sits on my shoulders/collarbone as I’m really narrow across the shoulder, but its wearable now at least.  

Green Tea Talamh

Project Details:
Pattern name: Talamh Cardigan (paid-pattern available here)
Size: 35″ bust
Yarn used: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes sport in “Green Tea Heather”
Yardage: 996 yards out (and points for stash-down)
Needles used: 3.5mm needles for all
Notes: to be found on my corresponding Ravelry project page as there’s lots!

On a final note, I’ve knitted about 4000 yards of yarn in 2013.  Huzzah!

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