The Eagle has landed

November 29th, 2012 § 0 comments


Well, its finally come to pass.  The LSG NSFW (for you non-Ravelry folks, the acronym is Lazy, Stupid, and Godless; and Not Safe For Work) 2013 calendar has been coordinated and is now ready for purchase.  Some of you may recall that I had done a photoshoot last year for the 2012 calendar, but for reasons beyond my and others control, it never got done nor printed last year.  Cue a very sad/downhearted me.  This year, the calendar was better organized and my photo from last year got voted in again.  Cue happy me!

The calendar is now available for order and the proceeds are going to Heifer International which is a charitable organization whose “mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth,” (quote from their site).  They do this by fundraising initiatives by folks around the world (or 6000+ LSG knitters in this case) and purchase livestock appropriate for the climate/ecosystem that they are donating the animals too.  In some countries, owning a few chickens or goats means the difference between life and death.

So do your part, and order a LSG NSFW 2013 calendar, it would make a great giftmas gift.  There are some lovely ladies on there in poses of dishabille with crafty goods that are quite lovely.  Just check out June’s gorgeous model 😉

Link for purchase here: LSG NSFW 2013 Calendar for purchase
Coupon code REDEMPTIO for 30% off your order.

And yes, that weasel (or tweasel) is our group mascot posing most languidly.

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