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January 12th, 2012 § 0 comments

Well, here’s my promised blog regarding the handwoven scarf I made for my lovely coworker Ken. He has some sensitivity to wool, so I off to the yarn store I went to find a synthetic yarn that wouldn’t bother him. What I ended up buying was a skein of Lion Brand Homespun in Montana Sky and a skein of Vanna’s Choice in Sapphire.  Both are acrylic yarns, which I don’t usually tend to knit/weave with, but considering my customer is a motocyclist, I figured something practical that can be washed and doesn’t itch him would be the best.  I did however, sneak in a bit of Cascade Eco+ wool yarn as I thought that the warp needed more depth.

Warp: Vanna’s Choice – Sapphire, approximately 150 yards
             Cascade Eco+ – Steel Blue, approximately 75 yards

Weft: Lion Brand Homespun, approximately 100 yards

Sett: 10 dpi on my Ashford Rigid Heddle knitter’s loom

Warp in progress
Warp in progress – about to wind on…

Warped and ready to go
Warped loom – ready to weave

Shhhh! Weaving in progress!

close-up of the weave
Close up of the weave as I found it hard to get a good pic of the varience of colours

Ready to roll!

the man and his scarf
Finally, a photo of the finished scarf on the man himself.

Ken has promised me a photo of him wearing the scarf with his motorcycle. Incidentally, I managed to buy yarns that matched the blue of his bike!

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