When warping goes awry

March 1st, 2013 § 0 comments

Last night I was super keen about warping my rigid heddle loom with my knitter friend Jenn to get a weaving project underway for a charity sale that I’m selling my craft items in.  I had most of the warp yarns picked out and the weft yarn as well.  Jenn was wanting to learn how to warp a loom, and learning on a rigid heddle loom is a good place to start as its fairly simple.  So away we went with loading the warp onto the loom using the finest reed I have (12.5 dpi) and everything was going smoothly as we wound the yarn onto the back beam of the loom. 

That is, until I cut the warp loop in preparation for threading, and the inertia from the wound warp uncoiled on the back beam.  Which is akin to a roll-blind boing-ing back up onto itself (I searched for an appropriate youtube video, but none to be found).  The warp could not be salvaged.  I was crestfallen as we had spent over an hour just putting the warp on the loom.  Its a good thing I was in a good mood & drinking wine, otherwise I may have burst into tears.
Here’s the waste:
loom waste
That’s a lot of cobweb-lace yarn on the floor that I can no longer use.  If you know of anyone who makes dolls, it would be good for stuffing them/hair – please comment below…

At 9:17pm, I asked Jenn if we should start again.  She said yes, and so away we went.  We motored away and managed to warp & thread my loom by 10:40pm.  Here’s the proof that we actually managed to warp, thread, and tie on the warp yarn.

The weft is also going to be cobweb lace (apparently, I’m feeling masochistic about weaving these days) that looks like this:

Its Jojoland Harmony in HC06 colourway – variegated yumminess .

Wish me luck on the rest of this weaving expedition!

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